Managing Your Workflow

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Save vital energy for your business with imagicam’s centralised dashboard and streamlined operation.

However you choose to organise and manage your online workflow, imagicam lets you stay in control of your daily operations with ease. Whatever your service level, you’ll find our applications and tools are integrated to work together with purpose and harmony, simplifying essential daily work processes and granting your business the impetus to move forward. 

More on our Managing Your Workflow tools...

  • PictureBus

  • Web Portal

  • Print-Fulfilment

  • Online Orders Manager

  • Order Tracking Manager

  • Availability Checker

  • Opt-In Marketing

  • Price Settings Manager

  • Dynamic Contact Form

  • ChartMaster

"We have always found the staff extremely helpful, from initial set-up, changes in linking to our own website and any other problems, more importantly the contact has been extremely quick."

Brian Carter BA (Hons) FBIPP FMPA FNPS ARPS of BC DigiPhot

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