About Us

As one of the very first companies to develop the concept of online image proofing back in 2001, imagicam was built on the principles of innovation, passion and foresight to make it into a technological reality. Happily, the principle qualities that allowed imagicam to grow in its first few years have remained with the company ever since, equalled only by our great Pro-Support Promise, which is one of the cornerstones of our service to professional photographers.

What makes us different?

imagicam is a system built from the ground up by a small team of dedicated individuals, who hold the photographer’s business interests to be their main priority. This is a defining principle that has won us much praise in the industry and the reason it's the considered system of choice for many UK professionals today. 

Indeed, because we’ve been around longer than most, we’ve been lucky enough to work personally with many elite photographers in the industry, who in turn have helped us to focus our system on obtaining tangible results, while excluding superfluous gimmicks that could potentially confuse online audiences and lose valuable sales or interest.

Did we mention we're a really nice bunch of people?!

It isn't software you get with imagicam, it's a web based service - so you get total peace of mind knowing you're dealing with real people dedicated to your cause - and who constantly manage, maintain, support and expand the effectiveness of your service, 24/7/365.

And yes, just like other people we do like a holiday now and then when we get a chance! But, more often than not, you’ll find us stretching our legs in the local woodlands here in Berkshire!

We’d also like to know YOU better!

You know a few things about us, but we know nothing about you! So why not create an account, start using imagicam and even tell us a bit about yourself. We know communication always makes for better business!


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