Powerful web based service that professional photographers can offer on to their wedding clients, usually 6 months or more in advance of their big day. It helps the wedding couple with the general organisation of their event by becoming the central hub of information for all those that are invited to the wedding celebrations.

In the form of a website, it is easily updated any time by the client via a simple to use control panel and acts as a quick reference point for wedding guests to access at their convenience online.

Benefits for the Bride & Groom's Guests

  • Getting to know the wedding party with uploaded images, biographies, contact details etc
  • Finding out about important events - Stag/Hen parties, the ceremony, where, when, who the organisers are
  • Viewing custom galleries of the bride and groom, such as nostalgia pictures for example
  • Accessing automatically generated location maps and directions to get to the events
  • Accessing the online gift lists of the Wedding couple
  • Viewing all Albums that the photographer links into the EventPlanner, e.g. a pre-wedding portrait shoot
  • Finding accommodation, checking train times, traffic info and latest weather forecast for the event location


Benefits For The Photographer

Every EventPlanner website offered by a photographer to their clients will only be accessible via that photographer's website and will also have the same integrated 'Look & Feel' branding, which is applied to the rest of their applications. It will therefore:

  • Become a plus point in the photographer's offered service package
  • Make the photographers website the focal point of the wedding being organised
  • Produce a very high profile for their business, months before the wedding takes place
  • Increase the potential for more print sales from Online Albums that are linked in
  • Be crucial marketing, especially if just starting out or looking to grow their wedding clientele


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