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By providing an online Availability Checker and allowing customers to check if you are free to take a booking on a specific date, you dramatically increase your website retention and the chances of your business being noted.

When searching for a service online, potential customers can jump from one website to another very rapidly. Our automated online date checker will not only increase your bookings because of the instant response it provides your customers online, it will also refer more traffic to your website as a part of the optional Recommendations Network application. Easily managed through your online control panel, the Availability Checker application is an excellent way to keep track of your bookings diary at a glance.

    • Customise your online booking diary with up to 20 bookings a day
    • Uses Recommendations Network to retain potential clients in your network
    • Only reveals your availability on a specific date search
    • Option to fully block dates without bookings
    • Integrates directly through your website
    • Links with our Marketing Feedback app.

Marketing Feedback

By adding 'Marketing Feedback' to your Availability Checker, visitors are given the option to select where they found out about your business when they check a date for your availability. This vital online form gains you invaluable feedback and statistics on your marketing performance and thereby streamlines your business expenditure over time.

Recommendations Network

Working automatically through the Availability Checker on your website, the 'Recommendations Network' is formed by inviting other businesses like yours to join your business network and recommend one another when no further bookings are available for a specific date.




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