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The Recommendations Network is formed by inviting other businesses like yours to join your business network and recommend one another when no further bookings are available for a specific date.

By guiding potential customers looking for a service to stay within your business network, you greatly increase the chances of more lookings coming your way.

The application works automatically through the Availability Checker on your website (also a part of our online Extended Web Features).

  • Send invites for businesses to join your network directly from the application
  • May be switched on or off with your Availability Checker
  • Gain rewards for getting other businesses to join your network
  • Only recommends your network partners if you are already fully booked

Once set up, this effective and maintenance free application will direct additional traffic to your website both night and day.

Availability Checker

Get your services short listed faster and more often to potential customers by simply letting them know of your availability through our automated online date checker. This efficient communicator comes integrated with the Recommendations Network which will drive more traffic to your website.

Marketing Feedback

By adding 'Marketing Feedback' to your Availability Checker, visitors are given the option to select where they found out about your business when they check a date for your availability. This vital online form gains you invaluable feedback and statistics on your marketing performance and thereby streamlines your business expenditure over time.





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